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 Betreff des Beitrags: Problem mit Ellbogendysplasie (schäferhund)

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Hunderasse: German Shepherd
Mein(e) Hund(e): Aleks
At first I would like to apologize that I use English, unfortunately I speak olny a little German.
My dog (German Shepherd) was diagnosed – he has elbow dysplasia.
Below the short history of his illness.
When he was about six months he started limping on his front left leg. Vet made X-ray and diagnosed it as joint capsule is broken. Vet informed us that we should wait some months for joint capsule regeneration. Dog received supplements (Hyalutidin, CaniViton Advanced, CaniVitopn Forte Plus). In the meantime he stopped limping but left elbow joint looks a bit swollen.
To make sure, month later we went to another vet. He did X-ray once again and he diagnosed – juvenile Bone Diseases.
Because of two different diagnoses we went to another vet. Based on the same X-ray (which was made by second vet) he diagnosed elbow dysplasia –UAP. He proposed surgery.
Because he didn’t have arthroscopy possibility (I heard that it is better method) we went to another vet.
Fourth vet gave us the same diagnosis like previous(third vet) . He examined both front legs and he informed us that probably defect is symmetrical. He said that we should go arthroscopy for both legs, dog stopped limping but the condition of the joint will deteriorate. Till 8 month there is a chance to restore front legs (especially right front leg), We decided to do it.
Before surgery he made computer tomography- to make sure about condition of both elbow joints. After tomography he informed us that condition of left front leg is really not good but we still can do something. For front right leg he proposed double oblique osteotomy and arthroscopy. For front left leg he proposed arthroscopy but he informed us that in this elbow joint is exist also separated part. It is too big to remove it by arthroscopy method. We can remove it by classical method some months later. At first we should focus on better leg (right). We followed vet recommendation. We agreed to do it.
After surgery we took care about dog. For the first weeks we raised the front of the dog (we bought special dog harness), we started rehabilitation – magnetic field.
Vet informed us that after about two months, during control visit he will make X-ray and we will check condition of both legs. In the meantime we went to vet (three times) to make sure about condition of legs.
Generally dog recovered quickly after the surgery. After two months he walked on his own strength (without limping), he wanted to run, jump. Because we didn’t have knowledge about condition of his front legs (we was waiting for control visit – X-ray) we have limited him excessive movement (such like: jumping, running).
We went for a control visit.
During control visit vet informed us (without X-ray) that in case of left front leg he propose do nothing because after surgery condition of this leg could be worse. For me it wasn’t clear.
In this situation I went to fifth vet. This time I went to a specialist from abroad.
During this visit he made X-ray, he informed us that after surgery the condition of both legs wasn’t improved, unfortunately such a risk is always exist. In short summarize we received similar feedback ( when I asked him what can I do for today (rehabilitation?, diets? another actions?) I received information that I can do nothing. My dog it too old to repair his front legs (on the fourth of January 2019 he will be 11 months old). Vet said that he can do the surgery of left front leg if I really would like but after this - condition of left leg can be the worse – it is up to me, it is my choice. Generally we can do nothing.
For me this situation is not clear, I don’t know why fourth vet has changed his decision (about left leg surgery, without X-ray), why I can do nothing (I have started to read specialized information about elbow dysplasia treatment, arthrosis - I translate it to English). For example: ... splasie-ed ... eoarthrose ... dysplasia/

1.If someone of you is a vet or have big knowledge -Based on my explanation and X-ray which I have attached (the last X-ray)– are these both front legs are in so critical condition (for today my dog walking, running)? There is no possibility of:
Surgery? Rehabilitation? Diets? Supplements? another actions?

2. Next week I will go to sixth vet. I will ask him exactly about condition of both legs, I would like also start rahabilitataion if it is possible.
I would like to ask you how looks treatment of elbow dysplasia in Germany? Do you have specialists? How much (roughly ) it cost for example: a visit to the doctor, diagnosis of the condition of the joints?

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